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John Garza

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John Garza has been a musician for most of his life starting as a child performing at weddings at parties, television  and even for the Consulate of Mexico.  At age 12 John began to learn to play guitar and was soon proficient enough to begin writing songs, writing his first song at age 13. After a stint with a couple of garage bands John’s career as a musician took off in his early teens when joining the band The Midnight Shift. Winning Houston Texas battle of the bands in 1967 and performing at many venues, Midnight Shift began opening for local bands like The Moving Sidewalks (later to become ZZ Top), Fever Tree, and Fungus Amungus. At the same time John began to branch out in to the Folk Music world in Houston and started playing at many local Folk venues, Anderson Fair, Sand Mountain among a few.


Toby in 1968 originally known as The Midnight Shift. Randy Lindsey guitar, Harvey Martin bass, John Garza vocals.

Over the years John has continued his career as a musician performing at many venues and maintaining his roots as a musician. In 1976 John won the New Folk Concert at Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas putting him on a course that lead him to recording on the B.F. Deal Sampler Vol 1 along with 3 other remarkable musicians. The recording has since become a legendary piece of work as rare as it is to find.

During his carreer in Austin Texas John performed and met many incredible musicians. Making a niche for himself he became a part of the Austin Music Scene that led to many changes in the music world of Texas.  John performed at many venues that have since become legend and history.



A performers line up from the Legendary Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin Texas ca. 1970″s

Upon arriving in Austin John made his home on the Streets busking in front of the UT Bookstore on Guadalupe Street and the artisans market adjacent to it. It was there that he met Roger Bartlett, (later to become the first Choral Reefer guitar player) and Bill Callery (writer of several songs made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker and Willy Nelson). Spending time and singing with Lusaza, which is what the two called themselves, opened up many opportunities for John. One of John’s first gigs as a solo player was at the Hole in the Wall, which became a steady gig for many years.

In the mid 70’s John made his way to California to continue his career and search for deeper meaning to the music he loved.